The Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours

Statistics and analytics are significant components of YouTube. The platform keeps track of several accomplishments, including the videos that had the most views within the first 24 hours of being posted. The music industry appears to be in charge, despite the fact that YouTube is a platform with original producers from all over the world. Additionally, some movie trailers reached much high viewing figures in that span, but their rewatching value plummets, making them less interesting.

The Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours

Continue reading to find out which music videos got the most views on YouTube in 24 hours.

The Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours

10. “Lovesick Girls” (Blackpink)

In October 2020, the song “Lovesick Girls,” which was published by Blackpink’s record company YG, made its appearance. After 24 hours, 61.4 million people had viewed the video. It was the third track from the band’s 2020 album, “The Album,” to be published. It made its debut on the Gaon charts in South Korea at number two. Additionally, it hit number two on the Billboard Global 200 and number 59 on the US Hot 100. It was, all things considered, the album’s second-best song.

9. “Me!” (Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie)

In April 2019, Taylor Swift and Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie jointly released the song “Me!” This was after Taylor Swift joined her new record label, Republic Records. “Me!” had gathered 62.5 million views on YouTube after 24 hours. It also debuted at number 100 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It jumped to second place the following week, setting a new record for the largest weekly rise.

8. “Life Goes On” (BTS)

BTS, a K-pop band, requires no introduction. The group expanded their reach to the United States in 2017 and has since enjoyed success there. They have even made an appearance on The Ellen Show. November 2020 saw the release of “Life Goes On.” In the first day after its release, it received 71.6 million views.

7. “Permission to Dance” (BTS)

This dance tune was made available by the group on July 9th, 2021, as the second single for their debut English album, “BUTTER.” The Bangtan guys tried their best to temporarily ease the world’s anxiety and distress during the COVID pandemic with their uplifting, energizing, and inspiring lyrics and music video, which encouraged people to set their problems aside and enjoy the moment by dancing to the lively music. In the first 24 hours after its release, the video received 71.3 million views. With “Permission to Dance,” BTS has become the second artist after Michael Jackson to score five No. 1 Billboard singles in a period of ten months and two weeks.

6. “Lalisa” (Lisa)

Lisa Manoban, a Thai rapper and main performer for Blackpink, released “Lalisa,” on September 10, 2021, which was the lead single for her debut album of the same name. The song became the most viewed solo artist video on YouTube in a single day with 73.6 million views in the first 24 hours of its release. It showcases Lisa’s uplifting, magnetic, and compelling rap and dance act over a fusion of EDM and hip-hop with Thai influences. Lalisa eventually reached number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

5. “Boy With Luv” (BTS ft. Halsey)

When BTS and Halsey collaborated on the song “Boy With Luv” in April 2019, they set new YouTube records. The song gave them their first breakthrough on a chart dominated by K-pop. On the first day after its release, “Boy With Luv” got 74.6 million views. The song received a platinum certification from the RIAA in June of that year. BTS released “Boy With Luv” in Japanese in July. The song also won 21 music awards in South Korea, surpassing 2000, which was surpassed by Dynamite, as the most awarded single.

4 . “Ice Cream” (Blackpink and Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez has advanced significantly since her Disney days. Although she recently stated that she wanted to stop recording music, her followers are hopeful she will reconsider. One of her songs, “Ice Cream,” a collab with K-Pop group Blackpink, received 79 million views in the first 24 hours. “Ice Cream” was the second single from Blackpink’s sophomore album, “The Album.” With the exception of Lisa’s Korean rap sections, the song is entirely in English. With ice cream themes, peppy pop, and catchy phrases, the video has a joyful and lighthearted vibe to it. With a 13th-place finish, Ice Cream became Blackpink’s first song to reach the top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

3. “How You Like That” (Blackpink)

In terms of releasing successful singles, Blackpink is undoubtedly one of the leading groups. “How You Like That” was published in June 2020. In the 24 hours after its release, the song received 86.3 million views. It was the first track from their second album. Not only did it receive millions of views, but it also became the first video to surpass 100, 200, and 500 million views in record time. The song is about overcoming adversity. “How You Like That” quickly became a hit all around the world with its pulsing pop tunes, swaggering sentiments, and amazing performance. It reached its peak on the Billboard Hot 100 in Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea.

2. “Dynamite” (BTS)

The K-pop group BTS broke all previous records in August 2020 and became the group with the most watched video in a 24-hour period. Dynamite attracted 101.1 million YouTube views in just 24 hours thanks to its authentically nostalgic ambiance from the 1970s, funk, and soul, as well as its infectious hooks. David Stewart produced the song, which was published under Big Entertainment and Sony. BTS set a new record with Dynamite by being the first K-pop act to top the Billboard Hot 100. The Bangtan Boys were also the first K-pop group in history to gain a Grammy nomination, receiving it for Best Pop Duo Performance at the Grammy Awards in 2021.

1. “Butter” (BTS)

BTS most recently surpassed their own record. One day after its debut, “Butter” surpassed “Dynamite” in terms of views. Because of its 108 million views in 24 hours, K-Pop has taken over the top spot in the YouTube “Most Viewed” ranking. Government financing and assistance are significantly responsible for K- Pop’s success. It only goes to show how far creatives can get with a little assistance. “Butter,” with its cheerful pop, contagious hooks, and summer breeze-like atmosphere, perfectly captures the pleasant, lighthearted, and unmistakable charm of the BTS. The single hit the charts in six nations, including the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

Topping the Charts

The fact that K-pop groups dominate in terms of YouTube video views is not surprising. They gained a fandom unmatched by any other performer and became a global phenomenon. Their collaborations with American celebrities helped them become well-known and win fans from all over the country.

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