How to Edit a PDF in Chrome

You won’t have to search for your Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader the next time you have to fill out a PDF form. All you need to do is install Google Chrome. The built-in PDF Reader tool can be used for much more than just reading PDF files. Granted, it lacks some of the strength of some specialized apps. But it’s ideal as a temporary solution for any editing task you may have.

How to Edit a PDF in Chrome

In this article, we’ll explore all the things you can do to edit a PDF in Chrome.

How To Edit a PDF in Chrome

Revising a document from the traditional PDF format can be time-consuming and cumbersome if a user doesn’t know how to use complicated office software.

The idea of using the simple, intuitive interface to perform basic editing tasks on an often lengthy and involved document can be an enticing prospect for many.

The TinyWow online editing software is all you need for revising PDFs. With this service, you will never have to worry about formatting or cropping again — all your edits are done securely in your browser without affecting the original file. With just a few clicks, you can make any PDF yours!

  1. Navigate to the TinyWow PDF Editor.
  2. Now you can choose how you can edit your pdf file by “Uploading from PC or Mobile,” “Create New,” button and “Drag files here,” or upload file from your drive.

Editing a PDF Document in Chrome with the Adobe Chrome Extension

While PDFs are simple to use, editing can be challenging. Often you need to download and install special software to do so. Downloading an application just to add a signature or fill out some information might sometimes feel frustrating. Fortunately, you can edit your PDF directly from Chrome thanks to an Adobe Chrome extension.

To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Adobe Acrobat extension via this link.
  2. Select “Add to Chrome,” and then select “Add extension.”
  3. Then, depending on your needs, click on “Convert,” “Edit,” or “Sign” from the extension icon.
  4. When you’re finished, you can download the new document.

Note that even though most of the options are free, some are only accessible to those with an Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription.

Rotate the Document

If your PDFs need their orientation changed, there’s a simple way to do it with Chrome. You can choose between two approaches. Clicking the “Rotate” button at the top of the page is the simplest method. The paper will be rotated at 90-degree intervals. Alternatively, you can right-click anywhere else in the document. You can choose to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise from the context menu. Select the necessary option, then use “Print” and “Save as PDF” to save your changes.

Fit to Page

When you want to read a page completely but cannot see the whole page on your screen, it can cause problems. It breaks the flow of your reading to have to constantly scroll up and down. Although you can adjust a document’s size using the zoom feature, it’s much simpler to click the “Fit to Page” option. The feature is located at the very top of the page. This button’s benefit over the zoom function is that it will instantly resize to fit your window, while the zoom button doesn’t. Plus, it doesn’t waste any screen space and eliminates the need for trial and error that comes with employing the zoom.

Display or Remove Annotations

If whoever gave you the PDF annotated the document, you may not be able to see the original content. To view the file in its original format, Chrome includes a feature that allows you to remove the other person’s notes. To turn the notes on or off, just select “More” and then “Annotations.”

Additional Options

Here are some additional things you can do with your PDF file on Chrome Browser.

Separate Pages

Right-click on the PDF document and choose “Google Chrome” from the “Open with” menu.

  1. Choose the “Print” button in the upper-right corner, or use the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut.
  2. Choose “Save as PDF” from the “Destination” option.
  3. Next, choose “Custom” under “Pages” and input the page numbers you want to split.

For example, type “21-29” to choose a specific set of pages, such as those between pages 21 and 29. You can choose certain pages by splitting them with commas. The selected pages will be updated in the preview on the right. Click “Save” after choosing the pages you want to divide, then save the divided PDF wherever you like on your PC.

Fill Out and Save Forms

The Chrome PDF Viewer makes it simple to complete PDF forms, which most official documents need you to do. It looks more professional and saves time. Chrome recognizes blank spots and allows you to input words there. Unfortunately, Chrome won’t recognize all forms. But it will function for the most part. To save the text, you must select the “Print” option, then select “Save as PDF” in the “Destination.” Using this technique will ensure that the data you submitted is saved in the document.

Sign PDF Documents

While there isn’t a built-in method for someone to add their secure signature to files in the Chrome PDF viewer, you may still do so by using a third-party tool.

DocuSign is one of the most popular applications for signing PDFs. The company has created a Chrome Addon that enables one-click document signing. The DocuSign interface is used for the actual signing process. Although it isn’t perfect, it’s the classiest option available.

See PDF Metadata

Finally, there are situations when you’ll wish to view your PDF file’s metadata. You may see the information by going to “More” and then “Document properties”, instead of searching for it somewhere else on your PC. The data contains the document name, size, title, writer, topic, keywords, produced and changed dates, PDF version, PDF producer, page numbers, and page size.

Use the Original PDF App for More Editing Options

The PDF viewer in Google Chrome has a ton of features that can be used to interact with the document. But this won’t be enough occasionally, and you’ll need more options.

Have you ever edited a PDF in Chrome? Did you use some of the methods outlined in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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